How do I set up my account?

The first steps to setting up the account are visible as soon as you sign in and sign in.

RS allows you to take a short demo walk to make it easier for you to start and enter your business data.

You can choose to load sample data or walk step by step with the wizard to walk you through the basic features of the software. It is desirable to select the step-by-step option together with the wizard.

Follow the wizard to set up your business:

  • Create your first service category.
  • Create your first service.
  • Create your first client.
  • Update you business hour.
  • Make your first reservation.

Create a category:

Categorizing your services, make it easier to organize and preoritize them. This will make your daily work easier and navigating when choosing services based on given criteria will be easier.

You can learn more about the categories here.

Create a service:

After creating the first category to group your services, you could also create your first service. Each service has a type ( single and group and soon also a package ) and different price and time and time parameters as well as options for choosing an employee performing the service various, resources, taxes ect. options you can set.

You can learn more about the services here.

Create first customer:

Customer profiles make it easy to manage contact information about them in your business. You could quickly and easily monitor their actions and frequensy of visits. The main and most important data to register a customer is Name and Phone number, but we strongly recommend entering more detailed information such as email, birthday and other contact information to make it easier for you later.

You can learn more about the clients here.

Update opening hour:

Your business hours. Make sure that working hours cover your working time of your employees for the performance of given services and the use of resourses. Set a start and end time and add it ass a period than mark the working days of the week.


If you have different working hours for different days, you could enter several periods. For example, from 09:00 to 11:00 and a second period 12:00 to 19:00, then mark for each day the period.

More detailed information about opening hours can found here.

Create first reservation:

Creating a reservation is a last step in the initial software training and setup. To make a reservation, you need to select the type, select the date of the service, the client, the service you will perform and press the Create button. Ready! You have successfully completed the training steps, you need to select a finish button. Your dashboard will open in front of you.

Need help?

If you have any questions about the Reservation.Studio software, do not hesitate to contact us.