Version 1.13.2-SMS

Automatically send SMS as a birthday greetings

With the latest Reservation.Studio update you can now set up sending a greeting birthday message to your customers automatically.

How does this work?

In the “Setup” menu there is now a new “Customers” section. From there, you need to enable “Active Birthday Text message send via SMS”, then enter greeting message text and select an exact time the system daily sends to customers who have a birthday entered.

Only Latin characters are accepted in the text message!

Auto-clear settings are updated every day at 00:00 h., i.e. the modified SMS body text will be sent to the people having birthdays the next day after the data was saved.

Manually send SMS to customers

From the customer list, you can send SMS to a customer.

After clicking the Manually Send SMS button it will open a window where you can select multiple clients or leave only 1 client (as an SMS recipient), enter the text of the SMS and by clicking on the button “SEND” – SMS- will be sent to the corresponding customer(s).

You could also send a manual SMS by creating/editing a reservation,

също и от профила на клиента,

or from the client’s quick menu.

Other Changes:

  • Sales reports: Keyword search for product (name and description)
    Deliveries: Search for delivery by employee
  • Clients: Stop automatic fill in the email and password fields in client editing
  • Clients: Automatically send a message to a birthday client
  • Customers: Manually send SMS to a client
  • Warehouse> Stocks: Search bar code of goods
  • Media: Makes the first uploaded image to be the leading one
  • Online booking: Send all the reservation information in the client email
  • Customers: Field exports are added to customers: gender, note, and birthday
  • Sale: When attempting to sell a good with insufficient quantity returns a message with the name of the goods

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