Version 1.13.0

Highlights in version 1.13.0

  • Group Product Updates – allows a quick change of goods in the Goods List;
  • Adding multiple items – the ability to quickly add stock for sale, revision and delivery.
  • Working time – sending an email address and downloading a working time schedule in pdf format.
  • Plug-in for immurement a web site

How does the group update of goods work?

From the menu Warehouse > Goods, select the products you want to change.

A menu will appear at the top of the window, where you can select the changes you want to keep on the selected products.

  • By pressing the Save button, all selected values will be saved to all selected items.
  • By pressing the Delete button – all selected items will be deleted!

With this new functionality, you could easily change measuring units, brands, categories and goods prices.

How does adding multiple items work?

In the sections New payment, Warehouse > Delivery and Warehouse> Revision are added buttons for quick goods selection.

Where are the buttons located?

In Stock > Revision:

In Stock > Delivery:

In New Payment:

Pressing one of these buttons will open a window where you can filter your desired items and add them with a click on Load goods button.

If you are in a New Sale, you have an additional option to choose the warehouse from which you want to sell the goods, also the quantity, the price to use and the discount on all selected goods.

Working time – sending and downloading

In the menu Salon > Working Time (with employee schedule hours activated), you have new features for sending and downloading business hours.

Download Schedule allows you to download the work schedule in pdf format, allowing you to download a collective schedule for all employees or for each employee individually.

Send schedule gives you the opportunity to send the schedule to an employee to his email address, and also having the choice whether to send the general or individual employee schedule.

Plug-in to a web site

In the Setup menu, you can use and set up your own button – an online reservation plugin. You have the choice to change button’s position on your website, its color and setting your own message to give a hint to the customer to making an online reservation.

Bug Fixes

  • Delete salon: Optimized Salon deletion process
  • Clients> Excel Import: Translated field types
  • Reports> Payments: Optimized graphics
  • Working time: Restricted access of employees to working hours
  • Reception: Fixed loading indicators


  • Dashboard: Information about SMS subscription;
  • Clients: Ability to export customers;
  • Payment: Аbility to add multiple items in Payment -> Goods;
  • Online bookings: Set up a plug-in for embedding websites;
  • Reports> Appointments: Filtering appointments by “Source” – Online booking, Reception;
  • Help: Contact Reservation.Studio;
  • Working time: Ability to download a work schedule in PDF version and print it out
  • Working time: Sending work schedule to employees by email address;
  • Revision: Added a total difference in the quantities of goods at revision.
  • Reception: Preview of the intervals at the reception desk at 1 o’clock;
  • Warehouse> Goods: A group update of goods;
  • Employees: Ability to leave the salon from the employee account;
  • Employees> Privileges: New employee access – File Management – allows uploading of files to Service and Profiles from employee accounts;
  • Goods: Ability to load multiple items simultaneously in a revision.

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