How do I add customers?

Customers – they are the most important thing in your Salon. By recording detailed information about your customers, you could easily manage their cards, track the frequency of their bookings and purchases, and to quickly predict when they’ll visit you again in the future.

1. Navigate to the “Salon” module from the menu to the left.

2. Choose the “Customers” sub-menu.

3. Click on the button “Add New Customer” located in the top-right part of the page.

4. When you click on the button “Add New Customer”, a new window will open, in which you’ll need to fill data about the customer.
“Name” – enter the customer’s first name;
“Surname” – enter the customer’s surname;
“Telephone” – enter the customer’s telephone;
“More Fields” – click here if you wish to add addition information to the customer’s profile;
“Send SMS Notifications” – activate the SMS notifications;
“Email” – enter the customer’s email;
“Send Email Notifications” – activate the email notifications;
“Facebook Profile” – enter the customer’s Facebook profile;
“Birthday” – enter the customer’s birthday;
“Gender” – enter the customer’s gender;
“City” – enter the city in which the customer lives;
“Address” – enter the customer’s address;
“Less Fields” – click if you want to hide the additional fields;
“Add” – adds the customer’s profile to the list of customers.


In the sub-section “Customers” you have available the lists: “All customers”, “Favorite” and “Deleted”.

In order to add a customer to the list “Favorite”, you need to click on the start next to the customer’s entry in the “All customers” list.

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