How do I add an employee?

By entering Employees you will have the opportunity to monitor their workload, statistics on their services. Determination of services performed and other.

1. Go to the menu “Salon”

2. Select the subsection “Employees”

3. Click the red “Add New Employee” button, located at the top right of the page.

4. Click on the “Add New Employee” button to open a new window in which you need to fill in the details of the employee you want to add:

“Create new user” – enter employee details here if a system account has not been yet created;
“Name” – enter the name of the employee;
“Surname” – enter the employee’s surname;
“Phone number” – enter the employee’s telephone number;
“Email address” – enter the employee’s email address;
“Reception Access” – Marking, giving access to the specific employee to reception and management of the saloon;
– “Create new user” – click the button to finish creating the account.

If you want to add an account to Employee accounts a user already existing in the system, type the email on the “Add a Employee” window in the “Email Address” box under “Find Now”.

You can find the employee profile you are looking for easily by entering the “Add a new employee” button – “name”, “phone number” or “email address” in the “Search” field located in the upper right corner of the page of the particular employee.


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