From where can I change my business data?

1. Go to the “Salon” module

2. Choose the “Set Up” submenu

3. “Basic Data” – here you will be able to edit:

  • “Salon Name” – in this field you can find your salon name and edit it;
  • “Telephone Number” – in this field if you wish you can edit your salon’s phone number;
  • “Email” – here you can edit your salon email;
  • “Currency” – you have the option here to choose the currency your salon works with – “Bulgarian lev (BGN)” or “EURO (EUR)”;
  • “Save Changes” – after pressing the button, changes made will be saved.

4. “Working time” – here you can find the week days, so by clicking on the particular day you can mark a concrete day and that way to make it a working day. Against the chosen day will appear two columns ‘from’ and ‘to’, where you can add your working hours. After that, a blue circle will show up next to the options, where you can copy the information to all week days, without applying the info over and over.

5. “Company data” – here you can add and edit your company data if you wish:

  • “Company name” – apply your company name;
  • “МRP” –  add a materially responsible person of the company;
  • “CCI” – add the Common identification code of your company;
  • “Telephone number” – add a phone number for further contact;
  • “City” – add the city your company is registered in;
  • “Address” – enter the address of your company;
  • “Company registered for VAT” – enable this button if your company is registered for VAT.

6. “Gallery” – Here you can upload photos that will appear on your salon’s website.

7. “Web Site” – here you can activate the free website service that Reservation.Studio offers you:

  • “I want to activate the free website” – click on the inscription to easily create a website for your salon;
  • “I will use a Reservation Studio domain” – by selecting this option you will be able to place your salon site on our domain. Simply enter the name of your salon in Latin letters.
  • “I will use my own domain” – if you select this option, you must enter your salon domain in the box. If you need help to set up a domain, you have a button below the writing field to make quick contact with us;
  • “Select a design for your website” – here you can choose a design for your site;
  • “Select a color scheme” – here you can choose in which colors to be your site;
  • “Save Changes” – after you have done everything, save the changes.

8. “Delete” – you can delete the specific salon from the system here. Simply enter the full salon name in the box and click on the “Clear salon” button, which is located under the writing area.

WARNING !!! Deleting the salon may cause you to lose data that can not be recovered

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