Can I create Client Groups?

Client groups are designed to make your customers profiles easier and more familiar to you. By creating a client group, you can easily target your customers by different criteria to direct their marketing messages and reach the specific target group. If you create a customer group under the VIP name and choose to set a discount for all services to that group. Your advertising messages could reach exactly that group.

How do I create a new customer group?

  1. Click on the “New Group” label located in the “Customers” sub-section on the right-hand side of the page.

2. In the new field, enter the name you selected for your new customer group.

3. Once you have entered the name of the new group, click on the checkbox – “✓” to create the group.

4. Once you have created the new group, go to “All Clients” and from there select the clients you want to add to the new group.

5. On the right side of each client profile, there are three points you need to click on and select the “Change” button.

6. The last thing you need to do to join the selected client to the newly created group is after you open the client’s account, click on the most right icon – “Groups”, which is under its name and add it to the selected group.

7. To change the name of the newly created group, you must log in to the specific group and click the “pencil” next to the group name. From there you will be able to edit its name.

8. From the “Recycle Bin”, located on the right side of the pencil, you will be able to delete the entire group.

In all client groups, you can search for a customer by: “Names”, “Phone”, “Email” and “Date”.

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