Version 1.13.3-Website Services

Ability to choose which services should be visible on the generated web site Search for goods WITHOUT a bar code Showing the price of the service in a list of performed services Added “category” and “brand” for delivery/request export Added barcode field for export of goods Optimized system performance

Version 1.13.2-SMS

Automatically send SMS as a birthday greetings With the latest Reservation.Studio update you can now set up sending a greeting birthday message to your customers automatically. How does this work? In the “Setup” menu there is now a new “Customers” section. From there, you need to enable “Active Birthday Text […]

Version 1.13.0

Highlights in version 1.13.0 Group Product Updates – allows a quick change of goods in the Goods List; Adding multiple items – the ability to quickly add stock for sale, revision and delivery. Working time – sending an email address and downloading a working time schedule in pdf format. Plug-in […]

Version 1.12.2

Bug Fixes Subscriptions: Fixed menu and new management icons Reports > Sale of goods: Fixed issue in visualization of “total” in graphics Internet Explorer Optimization Features Help: Added educational video materials; Warehouse > Deliveries: Search by delivery number

Version 1.12.1

The display limit is increased to 40 search results for a sales good ; The Product Selection menu is expanded to make product information more visible; Optimized mobile version (IOS time choice adjustments made); Fixed problem in quick changing of the days in the Reception; Optimized system performance with Internet […]