How do I add customers?

Customers – they are the most important thing in your Salon. By recording detailed information about your customers, you could easily manage their cards, track the frequency of their bookings and purchases, and to quickly predict when they’ll visit you again in the future. 1. Navigate to the “Salon” module from the […]

What is Reservation.Studio?

Reservation.Studio’s Beauty Salon Management Software, it will help you easily organize your business process by: Manage bookings with a convenient calendar Managing client accounts Supply management Reporting of goods movements (deliveries, consumption, revisions) Sending notifications to customers for booking, promotion, and more Reservation.Studio is a fully online service that does […]

How does Reservation.Studio work?

After registering and entering basic settings in the system, the controller (manager or representative person) of the salon is able to use the software by operating through the functions of the control menu modules, the dashboard, and the subpages of the system. The full tutorials you can find in this […]

Can I create Client Groups?

Client groups are designed to make your customers profiles easier and more familiar to you. By creating a client group, you can easily target your customers by different criteria to direct their marketing messages and reach the specific target group. If you create a customer group under the VIP name […]

How do I add a service?

Services are important for managing your salon. Once you enter full information about a service, you will be able to mark the service and save the information in the fields of the customer reservation for time, price, procedure type, etc., when appointment being saved from a customer. Important! Services can […]

How do I add an employee?

By entering Employees you will have the opportunity to monitor their workload, statistics on their services. Determination of services performed and other. 1. Go to the menu “Salon” 2. Select the subsection “Employees” 3. Click the red “Add New Employee” button, located at the top right of the page. 4. […]

From where can I change my business data?

1. Go to the “Salon” module 2. Choose the “Set Up” submenu 3. “Basic Data” – here you will be able to edit: “Salon Name” – in this field you can find your salon name and edit it; “Telephone Number” – in this field if you wish you can edit your salon’s phone number; “Email” – here […]