Dashboard for management and main functions in R.S

The dashboard in the software helps you follow important information about your upcoming bookings, quick reference and various statistics. It aims to give you a brief overview of your daily tasks.

Let us introduce you to the dashboard and the main functions in the software.

Logging into your account, you are already in front of your Dashboard, on it you can see your new booking for the next 7 days, new customers, daily payments, payments by method and which of your customers have birthday – a very handy reminder functions, through it you can you make special package prices or discount for your customers for their special day.

Computer view

The dashboard is movable and you can organize it according to your preferences with the possibility to hide or arrange the functions as your wish.

This is done by selecting the padlock button at the top right.

The files are darkened, you can move them, if you want to hide a function from the dashboard, select the second icon, which is for the preview.

It hides the function and after pressing the padlock in your Dashboard, it is no longer visible.

Top (Quick) Menu

The menu is located at the top of software and is present on almost all screens with hotkeys positioned in it for:

  1. Access the help center
  2. Quick button with drop down menu with for create new booking, new sale, new customer, new blocked time and new expense
  3. Recent Notifications icon in the software.
  4. Your usernames are last, it is a drop down menu which you can change the language according to your preference and also Edit your profile data. There is also an option EXIT from the account.
топ меню

Side menu (Functions)

On the left side of the screen you see your business name. Below it are all the functions you will use to optimally set up your business, manage your customers employees, resources, payments cash, registers and manage your reporting.

View via mobile app

When you first open our mobile app, it will load a dashboard on your screen. On it you will see your business name, changeable (if you have more than one business), as well as your names. Padlock to reorder dashboard items – for your next bookings for the next 7 days, new customers, daily payments, payments by method and which of your customers have a birthday.

Бързо Меню

In a mobile application there is a menu at the buttom, which facilitates daily work. It displays 5 icon for:

  1. Quick access to the work.
  2. Quick access to Ccustomers.
  3. Button + with a drop-down menu for create new booking, new sale, new customers, new blocked time and new expense.
  4. Notification – list of your notification.
  5. Menu – Access to basic settings and modules in the applications.

Need help?

If you have any questions about the Reservation.Studio software, do not hesitate to contact us.